Bar Counter Design

The addition of a bar counter in a home lends an atmosphere of conviviality and sophisticated entertainment. At Armari Interiors of New Zealand, we specialise in the type of woodworking that will bring your new bar counter design a look of world class craftsmanship that comes with years of woodworking artistry and the dedication of those who work with us. At Armari, we use state-of-the-art CNC machineries to design and fabricate the woodwork so that each piece that we design, whether it’s; a reception counter, a walk-in wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets or TV consoles, are made to exacting dimensions that indicate the highest level of workmanship.

For those who may not be overly familiar, the essence of a bar counter consists of finely crafted cabinets that hold built-in sinks with designer faucets. This make the bar counter the centerpiece when it comes to bar furniture. Usually, the bar counter is a bit smaller in design than a kitchen cabinet and its design is predicated upon making bar tending far more easy and efficient. The bar counter also employs a full-length top that facilitates mixing and serving and may also provide space for items such as olives, lemon/lime slices and other drink accompaniments.

Bar Counter Dimensions, Materials and Styles

Typically, the bar counter’s sink is placed on the bartender’s right and can either be used as a dry or wet sink, depending on the availability of a water line. If it’s to be used as a dry sink, it may be filled with ice in order to provide an area designed for an instant beverage “chill”. A small to mid-size compact refrigerator can be installed next to the sink. The cabinet base is used for the storage of glassware, bottles and other items. This area should be fitted with adjustable shelving in order to accommodate different size storage materials.

One of the most important design considerations is the bar surface, which should be protected with plastic laminate. This will protect the bar counter from stains and spills. Or you may choose to use a non-porous quartz surface which is a stain-resistant material. This is particularly essential for a wet bar. The actual style of the bar counter itself is usually decided upon as a compliment to the décor of the room that it’s placed in. The professionals at Armari Interiors can assist you with suggestions if you haven’t already made a final decision regarding the style.

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