Bathroom Cabinets

It’s considered that the two most important rooms in the home, when it comes to remodelling considerations, are the kitchens and bathrooms. Not only does taking special care with the design and cabinet selection add beauty to a home, but it’s also one of the ways to increase its market value.

At Armari Interiors of Auckland, New Zealand, we have built our reputation on working closely with our clients and bringing their dreams to life concerning the design of a home or business. We approach your bathroom cabinet decisions with an eye on the type of approach that best illustrates the style that you wish your spaces to exude. Whether traditional, contemporary or modern, we can design your bathroom cabinets to match the overall ambiance of your décor.

In addition, the woodworking professionals at Armari offer the same wood construction and artistry that they employ when it comes to their other furniture offerings, such as; office cabinets, bathroom vanities, full kitchen renovations, wardrobe design, bar counters, feature wall, etc.

We will First Assist You with the Type of Cabinets that You Desire

Obtaining new cabinets is more than just a chance to update or modernise the look of your bathroom. It’s also an opportunity to adapt your bathroom storage to your particular lifestyle. How many times have you looked at your cabinet storage space and wished that you had more room in order to store guest towels, etc. Here is your chance to change the way that you store items in your bathroom and increase the level of elegance as well!

This is where we can assist you with determining the configuration of your new cabinets. In addition, our Auckland, New Zealand clients are more than pleased with the options that they have, when it comes to the materials and hardware that we can make available to them. However, there’s no need for our clients to feel overwhelmed. Our design professionals are experts in guiding our clients when it comes to creating the cabinets that will best suit their tastes and aesthetics.

Your Customised Bathroom Cabinets

Everything about our workmanship demonstrates our level of commitment when it comes to pleasing our Auckland clients. We utilise high tech equipment when it comes to our woodworking performance and we select only the finest quality wood when it comes to meeting our client’s expectations. In fact, we commonly exceed those expectations once the project has been completed!

This is the primary reason why so many of our Auckland clients have gone on to utilise Armari Interiors for other projects, as well. These can include other aspects of Interior Design that employ lighting, furniture and overall room remodelling.

Contact us now and we can begin to discuss your ideas for your new bathroom cabinets.

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