Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets

Armari Interiors of Auckland, New Zealand are specialists in fine custom made kitchen cabinets and will work with you in order to design your perfect kitchen. Whether it’s new kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities or any other type of custom built cabinets, our woodworking design experts will work closely with you in order to achieve the vision that you have for your new kitchen or kitchen remodel. Our design craftsmen use state-of-the-art CNC machines when it comes to the design and wood fabrication. This results in the most beautiful realisation of your dream kitchen that is sure to please even the most discerning clientele.

The clients that we serve in Auckland have chosen us due to the fact that we have a reputation for our attention to detail along with our selection of the finest quality wood available. These are the things that separate ordinary kitchen cabinets from those that have been created by seasoned artisans. It’s the attention to every aspect of the design that our clients have come to enjoy and expect.

Choose your favourite material

Like out our designs, such as bath vanity cabinets and walk in wardrobes, we allow you to choose along with the basic design criteria the type of wood that you would most prefer. Although the most commonly used material is MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), you may choose other types of wood such as; hickory, cherry, oak, maple or birch. In addition, our designers know how to bring out the most stunning beauty of any wood that is selected by our client! This can also be seen with our bathroom cabinets and walk in wardrobes.

And when it comes to your cabinet’s hardware, we have an enormous selection that you may choose from. You may already have a specific type of hardware design or you may be unsure of exactly what you want. In any case, our custom made kitchen cabinets professionals will be available to help you with your selection. This way, the result will mirror your dream kitchen that will delight you for many years to come.

Other home and office options

Once you are completely satisfied with your new custom kitchen cabinets, you may even wish to consider some of the other design services that we provide. These can include other custom designs for the home and office such as bar counters, feature walls and office cabinets, and lighting setup, floor coverings and other aesthetic choices for your living and work spaces.

Please contact us now, so that we can begin creating the custom cabinet design experience that will make the most of your kitchen area.

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