Feature Wall Design

The term “feature wall” may be something that’s familiar with you. However, for most folks, the term is something of a new concept. But, in reality, the term “feature wall” is a relatively simple idea, once you understand just how to incorporate it into your home design. Just like; a bath vanity cabinet, bar counter design, kitchen island, wardrobe design or office cabinets, a feature wall is easy to employ, once you’ve considered some ideas of your own.

At Armari Interiors, in Auckland, New Zealand, we specialise in the creation of all of those home improvements and we can assist you when it comes to bringing your ideas to life. This is especially true when it comes to a feature wall, which is currently making a comeback in home design. Today, they employ more modern choice as far as textures, finishes and colours. The goal is to add a higher level of interest to a space that would otherwise be too plain.

Why Have a Feature Wall?

Of course, utilising a more creative element in a room that appears to be too plain is the obvious reason for having a feature wall. But, the addition of a feature wall can also employ more transformation effects and design improvements that are more subtle in nature. An example of this would be to paint one wall of a bathroom darker than the rest. The effect that this has is the addition of greater depth. The same holds true for the addition of a mirrored wall to a smaller bedroom.

The feature wall can also be highlighted with a number of distinguishing additions in order to employ various harmonising elements. An example of this would be the addition of a dining table and subsequent dining table accessories that will serve to create a dining room space within a living room area.

The Opposite Also Holds True

Just as a feature wall can add a focal point to a room, it can also serve to draw one’s attention away from something that you may wish others not to focus on. For example, a room may have a window with a less than pleasant view. Employing a feature wall can serve to draw attention from something that you consider unsightly to a wall that has been designed to be interesting and more pleasant.

Contact us now and we can begin designing your new feature wall addition. We can also assist you with other aspects of room design should you need our help with woodworking design, lighting, color selections and other interior design specifics that will beautify your home.

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