Office Cabinets

The design and quality of your office cabinets says a lot about the focus and quality of your company. In many cases, it’s the first thing that a potential client will notice about your company and upon which they can base a first impression. At Armari Interiors in Auckland, New Zealand, from the very beginning, we have resolved to ensure that the office cabinets we provide demonstrate the quality and craftsmanship that our clients have come to expect. We accomplish this goal by working closely in conjunction with our clients in order to truly understand the type of vision that they have when it comes to their office surroundings. Whether traditional or modern, our woodworking professionals are masters of their craft! In addition, the woodworking professionals at Armari offer the same wood construction and artistry that they employ when it comes to their other furniture offerings, such as; reception counter design, wardrobe cabinets, bathroom cabinets, kitchen islands, TV console design and bar counters.

Office Functionality a Paramount Issue

The specialists at Armari understand the importance of being able to perceive exactly how our office clients perform their job functions. This is extremely important when it comes to the shelving design and location of their office cabinets. It also allows us to offer suggestions as to how to organise the design of office cabinetry in a way that will match the workflow of any particular office.

We also understand the importance of being able to see the “little things” that can make office cabinet design far more adaptable to any particular office area. We can then bring these observations to life through the use of state-of-the-art CNC machineries to design and fabricate the woodwork. Add this to the durability of the quality wood that we employ and you have office cabinets that will enhance the office workflow for many years, instead of hindering it.

The Right Design for Our Clients

Armari Interiors, a cabinet maker trusted by many clients, has the advanced design knowledge to make sure that the office cabinet’s design that we employ will perfectly match the décor of your office’s motif. This way, your office cabinets will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the office’s architecture and furnishings. If you’re planning to update your entire office design, our office design specialists can also assist with that project, as well. In any case, we’re confident that you’ll be more than pleased with the results.

Contact us now and we can set up a time to discuss your perfect office cabinet design. We can also assist you with other aspects of a room design should you need our help with lighting, color selections and other interior design details.

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