Reception Counter Design

The personality of your company or organization is embodied in the furniture that you employ. This is especially true when it comes to your reception area. Every visitor, whether a new client, a guest or employee, will create their first impression of you, based upon their observation of your reception area. At Armari Interiors of Auckland, New Zealand, we strive to assist our clients when it comes to setting a positive tone as to what individuals may expect from your business. Whether it’s an atmosphere of elegance, tradition, creativity or innovation, the proper reception counter design can dictate the type of impression that you will want to project.

The Quality of Armari Interiors Woodworking is Exceptional

We at Armari provide our Auckland, New Zealand clients with precision and fantastically designed woodwork that illustrates the essence of what our clients wish to project. We use state-of-the-art CNC machineries to design and fabricate the woodwork and, as such, we can ensure that our woodworking creations match our client’s vision and desire for perfection. This holds true, whether it’s; kitchen cabinets, a wardrobe design, new bathroom cabinets, a kitchen island or bar counter. We endeavor to match what our customers envision and provide them with quality that will last a lifetime!

At Armari Interiors, we will assist you with an understanding of how modern reception desk designs help shape the overall ambiance of your business lobby’s presentation. This may include a modern flowing design that is achieved with a curving or wraparound reception desk. We can also illustrate how glass is a top trending idea for your reception area. This can come in the form of frosted glass reception desk tops or desks that employ clear glass paneling. Either type of reception desk will serve to resonate the elegance that your business deserves.

Another popular concept for reception counter desks is the use of mixed material. In this case, you’re employing the sleek beauty of chrome or glass accents with the more elegant look of traditional natural wood grain. Armari can assist you when it comes to making a selection from the many types of wood grains available for this approach. In any case, we have the experience necessary in order to transform a reception area into the type of design that you want your visitors to experience.

Contact us now and we can begin designing your new reception counter design. We can also assist you with other aspects of room design should you need our help with woodworking ideas, lighting, color selections and other interior design specifics that will beautify your home or office.

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