TV Console Design

tv consoleOur personal and family media devices (stereos, TVs and Video Equipment) add a significant amount of value to our lives through; relaxation, entertainment and information sources). And, of course, you’ll want to display these devices in a manner that is both attractive and practical. However, this can sometimes be a challenge for those who are not familiar with room design specifics.

This is where Armari Interiors in Auckland, New Zealand comes in. We can offer you a well-crafted and impressively designed media console that will be the centerpiece of a media room, family room, bedroom or living room. Our world-class woodworking craftsmanship will enhance any living space décor as well as provide the perfect solution to your media storage and display.

In addition, the woodworking professionals at Armari offer the same wood construction and artistry that they employ when it comes to their other furniture offerings, such as; office cabinets, bathroom cabinets, kitchen renovations, reception counter design and built-in wardrobes.

The Most Important TV Console Design Consideration

Needless to say one of the most important considerations when it comes to your TV cabinet or console is its functionality. While there are many different designs to choose from, you will want to own a console that will display your TV attractively while also providing sufficient storage space for accessories such as; DVDs, CD, and other types of media and related materials. You will also want to have a console that is designed to deal with the associated wiring of your equipment, as well.

The Size of a Modern TV Console

When working with the woodworking and design experts at Armari Interiors, the primary design details to be discussed are; the size of the room where the console is located, the size of your TV and the dimensions of other subsequent media devices to be housed inside your console. Even if your initial intention is to purchase the largest console available, Armari designers will work with you in order to select the size that is the most appropriate to the room that the console will be located in. That’s because there is a certain relationship between the size of a console and amount of storage that it provides. As such, a larger console may not always provide the most storage space.

In addition, it’s also important for your console to work in harmony with the other furniture in the room. This is the advantage when it comes to having your TV console constructed by Armari designers. We understand the relationships between console dimensions and the other furniture items that inhabit the same room. We can also design a feature wall to further enhance the look of your TV console area.

Contact us now and we can begin creating your new TV console in the selection of wood that you prefer. We can also assist you with other aspects of room design should you need our help with lighting, color selections and other interior design specifics.

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