Walk In Wardrobe

At Armari Interiors in Auckland, New Zealand, we create gorgeous walk-in wardrobes that are designed to maximise the amount of space that your room provides. We do this through the clever use of storage solutions that will, in turn, provide an answer to each of your storage requirements. In addition, with a walk-in capability, you’ll have the advantage of easy access to your wardrobe selections.

The woodworking and construction experts at Armari have the ability to fit a finely crafted walk-in wardrobe into nearly any room, no matter its size or shape. In essence, a walk-in wardrobe may not even have been a solution that you have considered up to this point. Let our wardrobe design experts show you how this can be a wardrobe storage option for your home.

In addition, the woodworking professionals at Armari offer the same wood construction and artistry that they employ when it comes to their other furniture offerings, such as; office cabinets, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets, bar counter design and TV consoles.

Planning Your New Walk-in Wardrobe

One of the keys to adding a walk-in wardrobe to your bedroom is planning the initial design. This is where Armari demonstrates its superior ability to partition off a portion of your bedroom in order to incorporate your new wardrobe. When you sit down with our design experts, it will soon become apparent that we understand special relationships in ways that you have probably never considered before!

Another option that we can offer is to take any smaller spare room and custom-fit it with one of our wardrobe storage solutions. This is a particularly valuable solution for those with extensive wardrobes. We offer an exceptionally wide range of adaptable wardrobe designs that will create the perfect designer walk-in wardrobe that will meet all of your wardrobe needs. Our precisely crafted walk-in wardrobe designs will allow our installers to precisely fit your new wardrobe from floor-to-ceiling and from wall-to-wall.

The Best Quality Wood Materials

We will work closely with you in order to choose the perfect wood and finish when it comes to the creation of your new walk-in wardrobe. Our master woodworkers use state-of-the-art CNC machineries to design and fabricate the woodwork and create a wardrobe with precise angles to fit a space with an eye to perfection. The result is a masterpiece of woodworking design that will be made according to your style and esthetics.

Contact us now and we can begin creating your new walk-in wardrobe in the selection of wood that you most prefer. We can also assist you with other aspects of your room design should you need our help with lighting, color selections and other interior design specifics.

Email us today at info@nzinteriordesign.com and we will get in touch with you within the next working day for a non-obligated discussion. Contact us now!