Wardrobe Design

When designing your new wardrobe, there are several considerations that need to be taken into consideration. At Armari Interiors in Auckland, New Zealand, we know that the two most important factors regarding your wardrobe design are the space that you have available and your aesthetic sense. These are just two of the details that our skilled wardrobe designers will discuss with you during our initial meeting.

In addition, the woodworking professionals at Armari offer the same wood construction and artistry that they employ when it comes to their other furniture offerings, such as; kitchen design, bathroom vanities, kitchen islands, office furniture design and bathroom cabinets.

Your New Wardrobe Doors

The option of either sliding or folding (swing) doors will hinge upon the wardrobe’s space availability. With folding doors, you’ll have an easy access to the items inside the wardrobe and, in addition, the doors themselves can be used as a means of storage. But you need to keep in mind that folding doors require a certain amount of space in order to swing outwards. For smaller bedrooms, sliding doors are usually more appropriate. However, they will only permit access to one side of the wardrobe at a time. The upside is that sliding doors come in a variety of finishes and styles that include mirrored and translucent glass, which will provide a more contemporary look to your bedroom decor.

Exceptional Wardrobe Woodworking Quality

Armari’s woodworking expertise utilises state-of-the-art CNC machineries to design and fabricate the woodwork. This allows for exact measurements to be used when creating the wardrobe that best suits the design and aesthetics of your bedroom. We can provide a large number of wood and door fittings selections that we’ll be happy to sit down and discuss with you, so that we ensure the perfect realisation of your desired built in wardrobe. If your bedroom layout and space allows, we can also build a walk in wardrobe.

With your new wardrobe design, you may choose from a number of different design options that include; wide drawers, removable shelves, tall hanger space, and other design considerations. Whether you have a basic wardrobe or a selection of designer gowns and suits, we can create the perfect wardrobe design in order to accommodate your wardrobe inventory.

Wardrobes to Fit Any Size Bedroom Space

Not only can we accommodate small to medium bedroom wardrobe sizes, but our level of expertise can also provide you with a huge wall-to-wall wardrobe design as well. In addition, the amount of time needed to create such a large wardrobe is actually similar to the time needed to create a smaller bedroom wardrobe! Your convenience is our priority.

Contact us now and we can begin creating your new wardrobe in the design of your dreams. We can also assist you with other aspects of bedroom design should you need our help with lighting, color selections and other interior design specifics.

Email us today at info@nzinteriordesign.com and we will get in touch with you within the next working day for a non-obligated discussion. Contact us now!